IN Perspective
"How often - even before we begin - have we declared a task 'impossible'?  And how often have we constructed a picture of ourselves as being made inadequate?  A great deal depends upon the thought patterns we choose and on the persistence upon which we affirm them."
- Piero Ferrucci

IN Perspective is about healing.

Healing is about choice. Whatever that needs to be, whether physical (illness, chronic pain or weight) or psychological (mental, emotional, habit, pattern) we address the energy blocks around you and unlock doorways to your deeper self.  We use ancient and modern energy healing techniques to align you with your spirit self, helping you listen to your core voice to discern the truth, often highlighting where you may have been living in an unhealthy story.  A story, that has created unbalance or unease in your life.

What Makes Us Unique
We bring clear perspective so that you can come to your own knowing.  We teach you to listen to that true voice and provide guidance to make choices and then we support you as you learn to follow through those change(s) and create the life you desire.  IN Perspective offers each client a unique individualized experience, by ‘tuning in’ to the client's spirit using a rich and diverse range of tools, techniques and modalities.  We offer spiritual (energy) healing, meditation techniques, nutrition support, and aromatherapy as well as talk therapy, past life regression, storytelling and mentoring.  We work with you so that you may enable yourself to express, manifest, receive and participate in the deepest yearning of your soul, and live your life to its highest potential of personal expression.

In-person and phone sessions available.